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Jun 1, 2014

2014 Matchplay

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Posted by: Stephanie

The 2014 Primary Matchplay was held at the Gaudet Lucet Golf Club in Droitwich. One of EWBG’s favourite venues and where the International will be held in mid September.

On Sunday afternoon we held the draw, this year with the use of EWBG mugs, last year golf balls. What will the Chairman think of next year.

The first and second rounds going off in the morning, with Radford and Eakin getting their separate matches to the 18th. Two second round matches went out in the afternoon.

Quarter finalist went out Tuesday morning followed by the Plate, Two semi final matches went out in the afternoon to play in increasingly poor weather. Sadly this continued through the night. The plate saw two B1’s coming back to form, both with good scores over 40. Billy McAllister on 42, our Captain Barry Ritchie on 45. Two splendid rounds.

Sadly the finalists Derek Field and Malcolm Elrick have had to postpone their final to the arrival day of the Masters in August. They both receive 25 Order of Merit points until the decider.

EWBG were made to feel most welcome at Gaudet Luce and Holiday Inn express and may we extend our thanks to all their help.


EWBG Matchplay
First Round Results Second Round Results Quarter Final Results
Frances Radford
Andy Gilford 2 up Andy Gilford 6 and 5 Andy Gilford
Simon Cookson
Derrick Sheridan 3 and 2 Derrick Sheridan
Peter Hodgkinson 4 and 2 Peter Hodgkinson 3 and 2 Peter Hodgkinson 1 Up (19th) Peter Hodgkinson
Barry Ritchie
Mark Sturdy
Andy Sellars 6 and 5 Andy Sellars
Bye Jim O'Brien
Bye Derek Field 4 and 2 Derek Field 6 and 5 Derek Field 5 and 3 Derek Field
Bye Peter Osborne 8 and 7 Peter Osborne
Bye Roy Sharples
Bye John Eakin 1 Up John Eakin
Bye Billy McAllister
Bye Nick Mills
Bye Steve Beevers 10 and 8 Steve Beevers 6 and 5 Steve Beevers
Bye Chris Evans
Bye Jay Cookson 5 and 3 Jay Cookson
Bye Malcolm Elrick 3 and 2 Malcolm Elrick 2 Up Malcolm Elrick 1 Up Malcolm Elrick
Bye Ron Tomlinson


Those who were knocked out in the First and Second Rounds played the Stableford.  The winner of the Stable ford was Barry Ritchie who was presented with his trophy by his Vice Captain Steve Beevers






Stableford Results Points
Barry Ritchie 45
Billy McAllister 43
Andy Sellars 35
Chris Evans 35
Ron Tomlinson 35
Simon Cookson 33
Frances Radford 32
Derrick Sheridan 25
Jim O'Brien 21
Mark Sturdy 18
Roy Sharples 10
Nick Mills 10