Here is the EWBG Roll on Honour since we started playing competitions in 1986


Chairmans Cup Jack Kerfoot Cup The Primary ClubMatchplay The Strokeplay The Lawrence Levy British Blind Masters Sir Colin Cowdrey Trophy
1986 - - Wallace - - -
1987 - - Mike Baynham - - Dave Benwell
1988 Peter Hodgkinson - Ron Allfree Dave Benwell Ron Allfree Mike Baynham
1989 David Morris Mike Baynham David Morris Ron Allfree Neil Baxter Tom Mulholland
1990 David Morris Bill Crawford David Morris Peter Hodgkinson David Morris Ron Allfree
1991 Derrick Sheridan Phil Carmichael Ron Allfree Neil Baxter Eric Bull Barry Ritchie
1992 Ron Allfree Dave Benwell Derrick Sheridan Eric Bull Mike Loten Neil Baxter
1993 Andy Fitzgerald Ron Allfree Roy McKnight Roy McKnight Tom Mitchell Tom Mitchell
1994 Tom Rowlinson Neil Baxter Andy Fitzgerald David Morris Gerry Kelly Steve Ford
1995 Neil Baxter Steve Ford Peter Hodgkinson Steve Ford David Morris Barry Ritchie
1996 Ron Allfree Tony Shearman Peter Hodgkinson Chris Evans Robin Clayden Ron Tomlinson
1997 John Marchant Tom Mitchell Sue Loudon Reid Tom Rowlinson David Morris Ron Tomlinson
1998 Andy Gilford Barry Ritchie Sue Loudon Reid Andy Gilford Michael Gardner Ron Tomlinson
1999 Phil Carmichael David Morris Roy McKnight Roy McKnight Paul O'Rahilly Sue Loudon Reid
2000 Jay Cookson Ron Tomlinson Sandy Burne Jay Cookson Andy Gilford Mike Loten
2001 Derek Field Derrick Sheridan Derrick Sheridan Peter Hodgkinson Neil Baxter Mike Loten
2002 Simon Cookson Simon Cookson Sue Loudon Reid Simon Cookson Jay Cookson Mike Loten
2003 Joe McEwan Simon Cookson Derrick Sheridan Mike Mayo Mike Mayo Derrick Sheridan
2004 Simon Cookson Mike Tippett Malcolm Elrick Mike Mayo Simon Cookson Malcolm Elrick
2005 Barry Ritchie Bryan Richards Steve Cook Malcolm Elrick Mike Mayo Derrick Sheridan
2006 Steve Beevers Duncan Bickerton Andy Sellars Sandy Burne Steve Cook Andy Sellars
2007 Bryan Richards Paul Appleyard Paul Appleyard Jay Cookson Mike Mayo Derrick Sheridan
2008 Roy McKnight Malcolm Elrick Paul Appleyard Roy McKnight Peter Hodgkinson Ron Tomlinson
2009 John Eakin Simon Cookson Barry Ritchie Ron Tomlinson Allan Morgan Chris Evans
2010 Chris Evans Chris Evans Steve Beevers Andy Sellars Mike Mayo Barry Ritchie
2011 Billy McAllister Steve Beevers Billy McAllister Billy McAllister Ron Tomlinson Derrick Sheridan
2012 Steve Beevers Chris Evans Pieta le Roux Pieta le Roux Allan Morgan Ron Tomlinson
2013 Peter Hodgkinson Billy McAllister Peter Hodgkinson Billy McAllister Billy McAllister Peter Hodgkinson
2014 Andy Gilford John Eakin Derek Field Andy Gilford Peter Hodgkinson Derrick Sheridan
2015 Peter Osborne Andy Sellars Jay Cookson Malcolm Elrick Peter Osborne Pieta le Roux
2016 Andy Gilford Andy Sellars Peter Hodgkinson Steve Beevers Allan Morgan Euin Hill
2017 Andy Sellars Jason Heathfield Steve Beevers John Eakin John Eakin / Steve Beevers Barry Ritchie
2018 Mark Sturdy Mark Sturdy Jason Bastable Billy McAllister Jason Bastable Andy Gilford