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Apr 27, 2015


The 2015 Jack Kerfoot Northern Cup was held at Gaudet Luce Golf Club on Sunday 26th April.

The Winner was Andy Sellars from Wrenthorpe, Wakefield guided by Martyn Wright, runners up were Derrick Sheridan from Wargrave, Berkshire guided by Mat Sheridan and Billy McAllister from Worthing, West Sussex guided by Andy Dutton who both scored 41 points but Derrick won on countback.  Alongside the Jack Kerfoot Northern Cup an 18 hole Par 3 event was held for newer members.






“Andy and Martyn Back in the Winners circle

After not winning any Blind Golf events since 2010 with a very poor decline in form I was wondering if I would ever be competitive again. As a visually impaired golfer visiting a Professional scared me as I was concerned they would talk technical about swing plane and where the club should face throughout the swing  etc which I cannot see. However I bit the bullet and visiting Gary Pritchard PGA Professional of Normanton Golf Club was the best thing I have ever done.

Gary kept things really simple giving me just 3 simple things to do at addressing the ball and 1 swing thought. Without me knowing this has completely changed my swing and whilst it takes time to bed in I am now seeing the benefits 15months on with, in my opinion, a better Golf swing than I have ever had when I was a so called better golfer!! . Golf has really helped me in my personal life with focusing on lots of practice in the last 5 months and getting me out of the house when not working or spending special times with my children. The focus and goal of trying to be competitive again in Blind Golf has really helped me and I must offer huge thanks to Gary for laying the foundations, Andy Booth and Jack Fox members of Normanton for the hours of support at the range and on the course and of course Martyn Wright (my trusted guide) for sticking by me when I know he must have been so frustrated at the decline in performance.

It’s an amazing feeling to see the work pay off and WIN again and bring the Jack Kerfoot Northern Cup back North!!! To all other Blind Golfers who are feeling down on their form stick with it keep it simple and have  belief”


Full results below

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The Jack Kerfoot Northern Cup 2015

Position Name Points
1 Andy Sellars 43
2 Derrick Sheridan 41
2 Billy McAllister 41
4 Roger Cole 40
5 Peter Osborne 39
6 Pieta Le Roux 37
7 Ron Tomlinson 36
8 Peter Hodgkinson 33
9 Chris Evans 31
10 Barry Ritchie 29
10 Euin Hill 29
10 Jay Cookson 29
13 Jim O'Brien 26
13 John Williams 26
15 Malcolm Elrick 25
16 Derek Field 23
17 Andy Gilford 22
18 Bryan Richards 21
18 Mark Sturdy 21
18 Steve Beevers 21
21 Frances Radford 18
22 Jean Bolton 17
23 Brian Goodger 15
23 Nick Mills 15
25 Roy Sharples 10
26 Danny Atkin 3


The April Par 3 Event results

Pos Player Points
1 Brian Maund 49
2 Stephen Kempster 46
3 Steve Cook 35
4 Nathan Hill 32
5 Nick Burr 17
6 Paula Dufour 10
7 Adam Luckhurst 7
8 Adam Clayton 6