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Jun 1, 2015

The 2015 Primary Club Matchplay Tournament

The Matchplay Tournament is sponsored by The Primary Club, they have been sponsoring this event for many years.  The tournament is played for the Lew Vizzard Knockout Trophy, this trophy was given to EWBG back in 1986 and sadly Lew passed away a couple of years ago.  We are holding the event at Gaudet Luce Golf Club who have been great supporters to EWBG for nearly 20 years.

We started the event with the draw on Sunday night everyone gathered in the Clubhouse all waiting with anticipation to see who they were drawn against.

Monday morning came first day of June and unfortunately it was cold and windy, where was flaming June!!!  The 3 first round matches went out first followed by 6 of the second rounds matches. In the afternoon there were 2 further second round matches involving the winners of the first round and one player who had a Bye.  The weather turned atrocious and the two groups battled on through the gale force wind and at times torrential rain. Finally we had the quarter finalists.

Tuesday morning arrived the quarter finalists went out at 9.30 followed by those players knocked out in the first and second rounds who were playing for the Lew Vizzard Stableford Plate.  The plate was won by Andy Gilford guided by his wife Mel, with 37 points and in second place Derrick Sheridan guided by his wife Mat with 36 points.

The quarter finals ended with Billy McAllister guided by Andy Dutton, Barry Ritchie guided by Geoff Iles and brothers Simon and Jay Cookson guided by Sue Broomfield and Paul Cloke respectively going through to the semi finals.  The result of this round were Barry beat Billy 4 and 3 and Jay beat his brother Simon also by 4 and 3.  Barry and Jay were through to the final.

Wednesday morning sunny but still windy the finalists set off with support being provided by many of the blind golfers and their guides. After 4 holes Jay was one up, at the turn he had increased his lead to five up.  Barry pulled two holes back to be three down after 12 holes.  Jay finally won on the 15th hole by 4 and 3.

The presentation was made in the Clubhouse by Steve Beevers EWBG Vice Captain.


Below is Jay's view on the result

Good guiding does it for me!

I am so happy to have achieved this win and felt quite emotional, I really am a big softy at heart.  I probably didn’t say all I should have in my brief speech, so thanks to all who were involved in the organisation of this event as it was great, as usual.

My biggest thanks has to go to Paul, not only is he a brilliant guide, but a really good friend and I wish him and wife Laura all the best with their soon to be born baby.

Despite the weather on the first 2 days, I can’t remember having so much fun on a golf course. Derek, Steve and Simon all played great golf, but it seems all my hard work and practice has paid off, although I’m sure you all think that I need some chipping practice after my horrible display of this discipline on the back nine in the final. With this in mind, I must also give thanks to my wife Sam for putting up with me spending hours in my net and to my friend Peter Wheel for guiding me at my home course.

Barry battled tirelessly and I was so happy to see my putt for a half on 13 go in, if I had lost that hole, I’m sure Barry would have taken advantage and the result could have been different. Thanks to Barry and Geoff for their company and the great match we had on Wednesday.

Gaudet Luce were fantastic hosts, as always, so another massive thanks to all there.

I can’t wait for the next event now and hope to keep my game together for the rest of the season.

Lastly, thanks to all who stayed behind to watch the final and I was very appreciative for all the words of congratulations at the end of the match.

See you all soon.


The Stableford Plate was won by Andy Gilford guided by his wife Mel

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First Round Results Second Round Results Quarter Final Results Semi Final Result Final Result

Bryan Richards

Ron Tomlinson 4 / 2

Andy Sellars

Malcolm Elrick 4 / 3
1Up Malcolm Elrick

Frances Radford 1 Up

Mark Sturdy

Billy McAllister
Billy McAllister 3 / 2 Billy McAllister 3 / 1 Billy McAllister

Nick Mills

Barry Ritchie 9 / 7 Barry Ritchie 4 / 3 Barry Ritchie 4 / 3 Barry Ritchie
John Eakin

Pieta Le Reux 3 / 2 Pieta Le Reux

Jim O'Brien

Peter Hodgkinson 6 / 5 Peter Hodgkinson

Andy Gilford

Simon Cookson 1 UP 19th Simon Cookson 3 / 2 Simon Cookson

Derrick Sheridan

Steve Beevers 2 / 1 Steve Beevers

Jay Cookson 7 / 6 Jay Cookson 3 / 2 Jay Cookson 4 / 3 Jay Cookson 4 / 3
Derek Field

Stableford Results Points

Andy Gilford 37

Derrick Sheridan 36

Ron Tomlinson 33

Jim O'Brien 28

John Eakin 27

Andy Sellars 26

Frances Radford 26

Derek Field 22

Mark Sturdy 21

Nick Mills 17