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Jun 5, 2016


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Posted by: Stephanie

The Matchplay Tournament is sponsored by The Primary Club, they have been sponsoring this event for many years.  The tournament is played for the Lew Vizzard Knockout Trophy, this trophy was given to EWBG back in 1986 and sadly Lew passed away a couple of years ago.  We are holding the event at Gaudet Luce Golf Club who have been great supporters to EWBG for nearly 20 years.

We started the event with the draw on Sunday night everyone gathered in the Clubhouse waiting with anticipation to see who they were drawn against.

After 3 rounds we reached the semi final with Peter Hodgkinson versus Derek Field and Andy Gilford versus Andy Sellars.  Peter beat Derek and Andy S beat Andy G and met in the Final on Wednesday.

In the final Peter Hodgkinson guided by Margaret Hodgkinson beat Andy Sellars guided by Martyn Wright on the 17th.







Peter's thoughts on the event

From arriving on Saturday evening until leaving late Wednesday afternoon we played golf in baking hot conditions, managing to avoid isolated thunderstorms (apart from one occasion) on a golf course in very good condition.  I came with no great expectations of winning the Match play and perhaps that helped me to achieve this success.  My thanks go to Roy and Rick, Barry and Geoff, Derek and Bob (and Geoff again),  and to Andy and Martyn.  All four matches were played in fabulous spirit but very very competitive.

As is the way with golf there were many ups and downs during my four matches but a highlight for me was holing a sand wedge at the 12th in the final against Andy for a gross 2.

To all those people who stayed behind to watch the final can I say on behalf of myself and Margaret, Andy and Martyn many thanks. To Gaudet Luce Golf Club and its members many thanks for allowing us the use of your course for this event and for many many events over a long number of years.

Without sponsorship, holding blind golf events on this scale, would be difficult to achieve and with that in mind great thanks have to go to the Primary Club for their continued support.

Lastly, and absolutely not least can I thank my wife Margaret for all her good work over the four days, a particular asset being the calmness over the event because it certainly helped.




The full results are below

The Primary Club Matchplay
First Round 2nd Round Quarter Final Semi Final Final
Beevers Steve
Ritchie Barry   1 Up. Barry Ritchie 7 /6 Ritchie Barry
Richards Bryan
Hodgkinson Peter 8 / 6 Peter Hodgkinson 1 Up on 19th Hodgkinson Peter  1 Up Hodgkinson Peter  1 Up
Sharples Roy
McAllister Billy  7 / 6 McAllister Billy
Hegarty Tony
Field Derek  3 / 2 Field Derek 6 / 4 Field Derek
Tomlinson Ron
Sturdy Mark
Osborne Peter  6 / 5 Osborne Peter
Gilford Andy 7 / 5 Gilford Andy 4 / 2 Gilford Andy
Mills Nick
Eakin John       5 / 4 Eakin John
Cole Roger
Sellars Andy    5 / 3 Sellars Andy 7 / 6 Sellars Andy  1 Up Sellars Andy
Sheridan Derrick

Those who did not reach the quarter finals played in a Stableford Plate and the results are below

Matchplay Stableford Plate
Name Sight Points
Sturdy Mark B2 36
Steve Beevers B3 35
Tomlinson Ron B1 34
Sheridan Derrick B2 32
Richards Bryan B2 19
Hegarty Tony B2 17
Cole Roger B2 15
Sharples Roy B1 13
Mills Nick B1 8