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Apr 25, 2017


The Jack Kerfoot Northern Cup was played at Gaudet Luce on Sunday 23rd April.  The winner was Jason Heathfield guided by Magda Buckley who won with 39 points on countback from Mark Sturdy guided by Harry Sturdy.

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Here are a few words from Jason

Firstly I would like to thank EWBG committee and members for such a great event and also to Russell and his team for the training day. I must have used some of his tips to help me win.

The first hole didn't go too well as I put second shot out of bounds and lipped out on a putt for a point so didn't score. Was able to put it out of my mind and started scoring fairly well. Magda was using the tips Russell had given her with regards my putting and alignment and helped me align to my shots. Always difficult to play a course you don't know and Magda did a great job of measuring distances to hazards and for her first time in a proper competition she really stood up to the task. Enjoyed the round with my playing partner and well done to Mark and Harry for challenging result.

A great weekend and looking forward to Chairmans Cup

Jack Kerfoot Results
PLAYER GUIDE Sight Cat Handicap Points
Jason Heathfield Magdalena Buckley B3 22 39
Mark Sturdy Harry Sturdy B2 45 39
Euin Hill David Hill B2 42 36
Andy Sellars Martyn Wright B2 23 35
Andy Gilford Mel Gilford B2 20 33
Steve Beevers John Porter B3 18 31
Peter Osborne Josh Osborne B3 19 31
Peter Hodgkinson Mark Hodgkinson B1 51 31
Chris Evans Joy Davies B3 20 30
Tony Hegarty Richard Dunnicliff B2 45 30
Derrick Sheridan Mat Sheridan B2 45 30
Ron Tomlinson Steph Tomlinson B1 54 30
John Eakin Paul Earland B3 11 29
Derek Field Emily Furniss B2 44 28
Simon Cookson Sue Broomfield B3 20 27
Stephen Kempster Susan Kempster B2 42 25
Pieta Le Roux Myles Dixon B2 13 25
David Rees Neil Mayne B3 36 24
Jay Cookson Paul Cloke B2 24 21
Shaun Burke Ian McCormack B1 50 20
Nathan Hill John Sanders B1 54 20
Danny Daniels Di Daniels B2 34 19
Brian Goodger Mark Alison B2 45 18
Barry Ritchie Sharna Lucas B1 51 16
Mat Killeen Jacki Killeen B2 45 14
Nick Mills Mike Pegwell B1 54 13
Roger Cole Angela Boulton B2 45 7
Roy Sharples Steve McAndrew B1 54 7
Bryan Richards Dave McDonough B2 45 NR

10 Hole Competition
Adam Clayton Clive Clayton B1 54 13
Helen Davies Helen Williams B3 30 8
Danny Atkins Mike Holland B1 54 5