Battle of the Peters

The Primary Club Matchplay Tournament is sponsored by The Primary Club, they have been sponsoring this event for many years.  The Tournament is played for the Lew Vizzard Knockout Trophy, this trophy was given to EWBG back in 1986 but sadly Lew passed away a few years ago.  We held the event at Gaudet Luce Golf Club, Droitwich, who have been great supporters of EWBG for over 20 years.

We started the event with the draw Sunday lunchtime and everyone gathered in the Clubhouse waiting with anticipation to see who they were drawn against.

The preliminary rounds were played on Sunday afternoon Peter Hodgkinson and Derek Field getting through to Round 2.  Round 2 took place on Monday morning with the Quarter Finals on Monday afternoon.  Tuesday morning saw the Semi Finals followed by the Lew Vizzard Plate, a Stableford round for those knocked out in Rounds 1 and 2.  This was won by Barry Ritchie with 33 points guided by Geoff Iles.

The Final was held on Tuesday afternoon with Peter Hodgkinson, guided by his wife Margaret, and Peter Osborne, guided by stand in guide Steph Tomlinson, (his real guide Ryan had to leave for family reasons).

It was an exciting final with Peter Osborne winning 5 and 4

Full Results below

The Primary Club Matchplay Tournament
Prelim Result First Round Result Quarter Final Result Semi Final Result Final Result
Barry Ritchie
Derek Field Derek Field
Peter Hodgkinson Peter Hodgkinson 7/6 Peter Hodgkinson 3/2 Peter Hodgkinson 1 UP Peter Hodgkinson
David Larlham
Tony Hegarty
Jason Heathfield 5/4 Jason Heathfield
Danny Daniels
Steve Beevers 2/1 Steve Beevers 1 Up Steve Beevers
Nick Mills
Andy Gilford 10/8 Andy Gilford
Derrick Sheridan
Ron Tomlinson 2/1 Ron Tomlinson
Roy Sharples
Jason Bastable 8/7 Jason Bastable 5/4 Jason Bastable
Billy McAllister 7/6 Billy McAllister
Bryan Richards
Peter Osborne 4/3 Peter Osborne 1 Up Peter Osborne 4/3 Peter Osborne 6/4
Roger Cole


Lew Vizzard Stableford Plate
Player Sight Points
Barry Ritchie B1 33
Derek Field B2 25
Roger Cole B2 21
Tony Hegarty B3 21
Danny Daniels B2 21
Mike Tomlinson B2 20
Derrick Sheridan B2 19
Owen Robinson B3 19
David Larlham B3 14
Roy Sharples B1 8
Nick Mills B1 6