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Apr 17, 2013

2013 Training Weekend - Brian Head Reports

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Posted by: msheridan

Training weekend 6th and 7th.April 2013.


As soon as we arrived at the hotel to start the training weekend we were engulfed by happy v.i.p. - blind golfers and their guides. The infectious enthusiasm of the members of EWBG members is so stimulating that one is carried along on a wave of expectation for what awaited us.


The first morning started at Gaudet Luce GC at first light with introductions to the golf professionals who would be teaching us to improve our golf skills. Russell the club professional with skill and understanding soon relaxed us and outlined the programme. We started with simple putting using the pendulum swing - starting at 3 foot and building up to 20 foot putts. The next stage was using the same pendulum swing to practice chipping with a 7 iron starting at 20 foot and going up to 35 yards. The first training session finished with the pitching wedge again starting at 15 yards and progressing to 45 yards. This was monitored by our guides and the golf professionals with great patience and understanding


There were three groups of 8 players and on day two my group started walking the golf course learning golf etiquette and good course management. Our tutor explained the significance of the various markers and the rules that apply when dealing with hazards. A par 3 contest for our group over three holes was then played with each of us practicing the skills we had learnt on day one. The final session was on the driving range using the driving woods again under the watchful eye of our guides and the pros.


The weekend finished with a light lunch in the club house and we said our farewells to all the new friends and those that had helped us through a wonderful weekend. For any new member the training weekend is the perfect introduction to what our association is all about - roll on next year.


Brian Head.