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May 17, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect for Peter at Primary Club Matchplay 2013



Primary Club Matchplay 2013 Report

Hard work and dedication gets results.

Over the winter months Peter Hodgkinson with guide Margaret and Billy McAllister with guide Sam Smith have worked hard on their games. The results are clear to see, for the second competition in a row and the first two of the year they are first and second. Many congratulations to them both.

The Final was held in poor conditions but there was a decent crowd and our Chairman wrapped like an eskimo to witness a high standard of golf but for a few shots and a couple of holes they gifted each other. Their putting for example on the last few holes of the game was truly marvellous, with Peter holing a longish putt to win. Again congratulations to all four of them.

Over three days of typical English spring weather 21 members of EWBG battled the elements and their opponents at Gaudet Luce Golf Club. The young, old and Bryan Richards played some very good golf in very trying conditions. Our numbers were up to 26 a few weeks prior to the event but sadly injuries took their toll. In the Plate event Andy Gilford and Melanie won with 34 points.

Despite the weather, Gaudet Luce was in great condition with exemplary greens. Many thanks go to the staff and members of the club for the warm welcome we received. Also another big thank you to the Primary Club for the help they give us. From me, a personal thanks to Neil and Clara for doing all the work.


Hodgkinson Triumphs in Matchplay

Where I live in Stockport you can often wait a long time for a bus to arrive and when it eventually does come there is usually more than one.  The current golf season has gone along the same lines and to my surprise and delight winning the Matchplay has arrived just after the Chairman’s Cup!

After all the competitors congregated for the draw at Gaudet Luce Golf Club on Sunday evening I was fortunate enough to receive a bye  in the first round but whilst grateful for this it left me twiddling my thumbs until just after 3 p.m. on the Monday afternoon before playing my first match.  Good matches during the following rounds against John, Ron and Steve put me through to the Wednesday morning final.  Billy MacAllister had progressed through the other half of the draw and it was he and his guide Sam who were to be Margaret and my opponents in the final.  After a shaky start over the first three holes I managed to steady the ship and eventually went on to win the match at the 14th.   I am sure Billy and Sam appreciated the support of all the people who walked the final with us, as did myself and Margaret.

The welcome that EWBG receive from Gaudet Luce Golf Club is always a warm one which is more than could be said about the weather which for the first two days was wet and windy.  It did improve for the final on the Wednesday which in view of all the spectators walking the course was a blessing.

Many thanks to all those involved in the organising of this event


Billy McAllister with Sam Smith

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Primary Club Matchplay 2013 Results


Peter Hodgkinson beat Billy McAllister 5/4.

Semi Finalists

Steve Beevers lost 6/5 to Peter Hodgkinson

Bryan Richards lost 5/4 to Billy McAllister

Quarter Finalists

Pieta Le Roux lost 5/3 to Steve Beevers

Ron Tomlinson lost 3/1 to Peter Hodgkinson

Chris Evans lost 7/5 to Billy McAllister

Jay Cookson lost 7/6 to Bryan Richards

Second Round

Barry Ritchie lost on 19 to Steve Beevers

Paul Appleyard lost 2/1 to Pieta Le Roux

John Eakin lost 2/1 to Peter Hodgkinson

Simon Cookson lost 5/3 to Ron Tomlinson

Malcolm Elrick lost 7/5 to Chris Evans

Andy Sellars lost 9/7 to Billy McAllister

Roy Sharples lost 7/6 to Bryan Richards

Mark Sturdy lost 6/5 to Jay Cookson

First Round

Derek Field lost 2/1 to Steve Beevers

John Williams conceded on 14th to Barry Ritchie

Nick Mills lost 9/7 to Pieta Le Roux

Andy Gilford lost 2/1 to Paul Appleyard

Frances Radford lost on 19th to John Eakin


Lew Vizard Plate


Andy and Melanie Gilford


34      Andy Gilford (winner on count back)

34      John Eakin

32      Malcolm Elrick

31      Barry Ritchie

30      Paul Appleyard

29      Andy Sellars

27      Simon Cookson

25      Francis Radford

23      Derek Field

21      John Williams

17      Nick Mills

14      Roy Sharples

10      Mark Sturdy