How is it done

The guide plays a vital role giving the blind golfer as much information as required, describing the terrain, giving the direction and distance as accurately as possible and then lining up the player for the desired shot.

On the green the guide and player work closely together in assessing the distance and borrow from the ball to the pin, which may involve pacing from the ball to the pin and determining the strength and line of shot.

It is very important to have a good player/guide relationship, each performing a vital role and each suffering disappointment over poor shots and great pleasure over good shots.

Blind Golf, as for all levels of golf, is governed by the rules laid down by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.  The R&A has produced a Modification of the Rules of Golf for Golfers with Disabilities which allows blind golfers to ground their club in a hazard without penalty.  The modification also permits the guide to stand on the line of shot behind the ball while the shot is played.


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