How to Join EWBG


Have you ever wanted to take part in a sport which is the same in the blind world as the sighted, uses the same equipment, is played in the same venues and allows you to play against sighted people with an equal chance of winning?   If so, golf is your answer.   I, also, thought that this was impossible until I was persuaded to join  England and Wales Blind Golf.   Since then, excuse the pun, I have never looked back.   I had never played golf before and had no idea of the clubs to use, equipment to buy or places to play.

I was welcomed into a club composed of all registered blind persons all intent on playing and improving their golf at every event.   Each member is accompanied by a guide who really does he same job as a caddy.   With the help of a little lining up and a few kind words the ball invariably is dispatched down the fairway and with luck and expert guidance will eventually end up in a small hole, which seems to grow smaller and smaller as you approach.   Even on your worst day you will end up by walking around some of the most beautiful countryside in Great Britain with prospects, as you grow better, of visiting some of the famous courses throughout the world.

England and Wales Blind Golf is made up of members from all over England and Wales.   We have no home course and play our competitions on courses as far afield as Cornwall and Yorkshire.   These competitions are spread throughout the year beginning at the end of March with a training weekend, a range of tournaments, usually one a month, covering one, two, three or four days and ending up in October.   Near the end of the year we take on Scotland in an international which is very similar to the Ryder Cup in its composition.   Our members range from totally blind to many having partial vision, all are registered blind.

There is a small fee for each competition which goes towards green fees, and often, accommodation.   Most of the travelling expenses will be covered by the club.   We are a registered charity and depend on the good will of golf clubs and captains for much of our finance.   Our aim is to provide a blind person with a chance to belong to a caring club of fellow golfers with the same problem, with a chance to show their potential in a sport which perhaps they have never considered possible. If you can find someone who can act as your guide, they don’t need to know how to play golf, but of course that would be an advantage, it will make things much easier for you.

Why not give it a try, it will open up a part of your life in which you never expected to take part and you will gain a whole new batch of friends who’s great interest in life is in golf and not the normal problems of the blind.

If you want more information contact John Eakin. New Members Secretary

Tel  0208 390 0699 or email


You can join as one of the following

Player Member – those who are aged over 18 and are registered blind and meet EWBG sight criteria.  The Membership Fee is a joining fee of £65 and an annual subscription of £30

Non Player Members - those who do not qualify as above but still wish to become a member, this includes those who want to help as guides/coaches.  The membership fee is £15 per year


Or you can down load the forms by clicking the link below

Application Form

Sight Classification Form