The Auld Enemies Cup 2016

The 29th Auld Enenmies Cup was held from at Wallasey Golf Club a links course and home of Stableford

The Scots lead from Day 1 as they are more used to this type of course and with a final result of 16.5 points to 7.5 Scotland took the cup back over the border.

Well Done to Iain Prime and his team, we look forward to next year.

The score over the 29 years is now Scotland 14 England & Wales 12 and 3 draws


The Teams for this year are as follows:

England Scotland
Player Guide Player Guide
Steve Beevers Captain John Porter Iain Prime Captain Ian Blake
John Eakin Vice Captain
Chris Vaughan Colin Simpson Vice Captain Bill Walker
Billy McAllister Andy Dutton Sam Sloan Scott Sloan
Andy Gilford Mel Gilford Ally Reid Anne Reid
Peter Osborne Kara Osborne Allan Morgan Irene McGee
Ron Tomlinson Steph Tomlinson Kris Adams Jade Anderson
Mark Sturday Harry Sturday David Paterson Sandy Scott
Barry Ritchie Geoff Iles Charlie Forbes Ross McAllan
Jason Heathfield Steve Donoghue Cameron McDiarmid Jim McDiarmid
Andy Sellars Martyn Wright Barry Hampton Jim Canning
Euin Hill Ian Tyrer Darren Healey Ken Hannah
Peter Hodgkinson Margaret Hodgkinson Gordon Dixon John Gibb
Pieta Le Roux Jason Stonehouse Willie Tanner Goug Smith




The results of the first day are

Day One - Foursomes
England Scotland
Andy Sellars         Euin Hill 1 Up Kris Adams                   Iain Prime
Andy Gilford         Peter Hodgkinson 5 & 4 Allan Morgan               Ally Reid
Steve Beevers      Billy McAllister 2 & 1 Sam Sloan                    Charlie Forbes
John Eakin            Barry Ritchie 4 & 2 Barry Hampton            David Paterson
Peter Osborne      Ron Tomlinson 6 & 5 Cameron McDiarmid   Willie Tanner
Pieta Le Roux       Mark Sturdy 4 & 3 Colin Simpson              Darren Healey

The results of Day 2 are

Day Two Fourballs
England Scotland
Andy Sellars         Euin Hill 4 & 3 Ally Reid                       Charlie Forbes
John Eakin            Peter Hodgkinson 4 & 2 Allan Morgan                Sam Sloan
Steve Beevers      Ron Tomlinson 5 & 4 Iain Prime                      Gordon Dixon
Andy Gilford         Billy McAllister 5 & 4 Colin Simpson               Darren Healey
Pieta Le Roux       Mark Sturdy 3 & 2 Cameron McDiarmid     Willie Tanner
Peter Osborne      Barry Ritchie 5 & 3 David Paterson              Barry Hampton

The results of Day 3 are

Day Three Singles
England Scotland
John Eakin
7 & 6 Kris Adams
Pieta Le Roux 7 & 5 Ally Reid
Peter Osborne Halved Charlie Forbes
Steve Beevers 2 & 1 Cameron McDiarmid
Andy Sellars
4 & 3 Allan Morgan
Billy McAllister Halved Iain Prime
Andy Gilford Halved Colin Simpson
Barry Ritchie Halved Sam Sloan
Mark Sturdy 7 & 5 David Paterson
Euin Hill Halved Barry Hampton
Peter Hodgkinson Halved Willie Tanner
Ron Tomlinson Halved Darren Healey